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U.s. Laws And Regulations To Be Amended Lithium – Lithium Battery – Electronics Industry

Lithium Battery All requests from the United States will move dangerous goods packaging, transportation, the United States not long ago announced that the produce regulations will directly attack China Lithium Battery Exports. Yesterday, “the U.S. lithium battery packaging, shipping TBT notification council” held with Shenzhen Guest House, experts, and enterprises to make an effort to respond and will recommend their own amendments towards draft, as much as i can to reduce and stay away from possible trade losses.

It is understood, Feb 12, 2010, the National issued by the secretariat WTO lithium battery packing and shipping and transport requirements using the draft regulations TBT notification, to be removed “dangerous substances regulations” in comparison to its the exemption of lower lithium batteries, the deliver of dangerous goods with respect with all lithium energy packs. The briefing will increase upon application of the lithium-ion wide array packaging and transport costs, affect the healthy robust development the battery industry as well as the foreign trade.

According Power supply Exchange bombs associations relevant information, very own annual output of lithium-ion batteries after Japan and furthermore South Korea, ranked 1 / 3 in the world. Subject to statistics, to lithium-ion battery pack as the representative because of China’s secondary battery landed 12.5% global market express of lithium-ion battery processing in Guangdong accounts for approximately two-thirds of the state’s total production, Shenzhen is in fact China’s largest lithium energy production base and upload base. Emerged in Shenzhen BYD, BAK, B & K and other the best companies, the top some in the domestic lithium battery, Shenzhen enterprises included half of the nation.

How to reasonably keep 18650 Battery Charger ? Yesterday, requested by the State, with the standards of the Shenzhen Municipal Court notified i would say the contractor of the TBT Council was held as part of Shenzhen Guest House, Commerce, State Administration of Excellent Supervision, Ministry of Communications, China Battery Industry Association, the Air Transport Association, and representatives of primary enterprises, some comments inside the draft together to constitute the Government’s written comments with respect to my views, will quite possibly be submitted to inform the world of issuance, follow-up pay out as a technical basis, the maximum extent easy to reduce and prevent cash advance loss of trade.

“Response on foreign sell barriers, we are a trustworthy passive response from the first stage, to actively topic change, that is, to place forward our comments for a draft opinion, to you better think again the issue of the particular country, in this respect, China’s voice and effect is getting stronger. “WTO Secretary of Commerce portion of Na Liu introduced the development of consultative advice, the best would be on one particular hand to comments from States in the kind of reports to the other, will be transferred for the Chinese ambassador to fantastic Embassy United States Government, while also The TBT next briefing to focus the full expression with the views of the Asian government and enterprises . . for the regulations decrease the impact of these industry.

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